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Social Media

Social Media Anchor


Having proper, engaging social media graphics and videos is imperative for brands. Not only can I design graphics, videos, or photos for social media accounts, but I can create posters, flyers, infographics, logos, banners, business cards, highlights, newsletters, and presentations for any brand.

I have provided my design services to clients in the following industries: hospitality, non-profit, magazine, politics and construction.



Effective social media strategy consists of three important components I follow: awareness, engagement and conversion. All three require the following duties:

  • Create or manage professional social media accounts

  • Post to channels on a regular basis and during peak times

  • Grow your following through engagement

  • Track daily page analytics and metrics

  • Curate engaging and interactive posts and videos

  • Use SEO-rich content 

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Social media branding is an essential blueprint for businesses or organizations to accomplish superior brand awareness and customer acquisition. With the rise of mobile gadgets and the domination of various social networking sites, this giant reach is critical for brand growth. Techniques I use to brand successfully:

  • Target audience

  • Personalize and create identity

  • Competitor analysis

  • Curate a marketing campaign

  • Effectively communicate with followers and customers

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